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What I do

colorgrading, post-production, fx
and some coding

Who am I

Creative freelancer from Vienna.

Born and raised in Austria amidst the mountains of Salzburg.

Later moved to Linz. Completed his first short film there, won a couple of prices, tasted blood and wanted more. On a trip around the world, Horst Stasny introduced me to the beauty of photography, then met artist Sam Haskins and wrote about him -- the article was published in Modern Times Magazine. Moved to Vienna. Assisted several well-known local photographers. Meanwhile studying performing arts, film and media science at the University of Vienna. Later graviated more toward working with film again, but took everything learned about composition, color and light with him. Also loves flowers, books and lousy weather.

Currently residing in Vienna, after a year long stint in Berlin, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, always hungry for new ideas and projects! :D

What I like

  • I like to brainstorm and throw around ideas.
  • I like to create beautiful and strong visuals.
  • I like to work on new and brave projects.
  • I like to learn, about just everything.
  • I like digital film and photography.
  • I also like to code.
  • I like to write.
  • I also like to try my own approach.
  • I like to collaborate with gifted people.
  • I like to try out new and intimidating stuff.
  • I like to improvise with equipment on hand.
  • I like to work hands-on, set my own lights, grip and stage.
  • I like to sketch out every scene, even as I sketch really bad.
  • I like to fiddle around until we all think it's the best solution.
  • I also like to let go and let someone else do the hands-on stuff as well. :)
  • I like to nerd around with post-production software to achieve the best look.
  • I liked to build this website from scratch, frontend and backend, because that's what I thought real men do. ;)

  • How to meet

  • I also like to meet friendly and creative people. My base is Vienna, but I also worked in Berlin and New York City.

    If you are in the area and want to work together, collaborate, hire me or just meet up and find out what I dislike, please drop me a line to hello@joeschroecker.com! :)

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Josef Schröcker

Kreitnergasse 18/3 A-1160 Vienna

0043 664 440 68 13

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Filmproduction | Filmproduktion
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Bragging rights

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